Sunday, January 9, 2011

Castillo and Oli Could Be Gone by Opening Day....For Real!

By: Clayton Collier

According to Buster Olney of, the Mets are internally discussing the option of releasing 2nd baseman Luis Castillo and LHP Oliver Perez. The Mets have aggressively attempted to trade Castillo all winter but the bottom line is nobody wants him. So what do you do with a washed up player that you can't trade? The logical solution is to release them. That is what apparently the Mets are finally considering.

Alderson warned Oli and Castillo that if they do not show signs of improvement in spring training, they will not be with the team come Opening Day. With both Oli and Castillo being unable to be traded and little hope of improvement, the option of being released seems eminent.

 Oli has pitched with little to no improvement in the winter leagues going 3-3 with a 5.18 ERA. The 29-year old southpaw has been unable to keep the walks to a minimum either in the winter leagues allowing 23 walks in just 33 innings. There was talk that Oli could be salvaged as a lefty specialist but due to his inability to get batters out in even the winter leagues, it seems highly unlikely.

  Castillo looks like the more likely of the two to be released. He has less money on his contract, and can easily be replaced. Castillo has no power, can longer hit, field or be a good influence on this team. Castillo was told that unless he excels in Spring Training, he will not be on the club come Opening Day. Castillo has likely lost his starting role to 25-year old Daniel Murphy. Castillo will compete with the likes of Chin-lung Hu, Luis Hernanadez, Brad Emaus and Justin Turner for one or two reserve roles on the 25-man roster.

  With the Mets invested roughly $18 million in these two players this season, the cost is great in cutting Castillo and Oli, but it is better then having a 23-man roster in 2011.

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