Saturday, June 18, 2011

Pelfrey Pic:

Mike Pelfrey has been unhittable lately, most recently in his complete game 5-hitter in tonight's 6-1 Mets win. His recent stretch of dominance has inspired me to make a picture you might get a kick out of:

Uh-Oh: Reyes Meets With Scott Boras

According to Ken Rosenthal, Mets free-agent-to-be Jose Reyes met with super-agent Scott Boras. This meeting does not break any contractual agreements to Reyes' current agent Peter Greenberg, nor does it violate any rules in the player's union, so long as Boras discloses all contact with the Mets shortstop.
If Reyes ultimately does become a client of Scott Boras, that will greatly decrease the chances that the Mets retain the 28-year old speedster. Boras is infamous for getting top dollar for his clients, in most cases exponentially more than the player's true worth. Boras rarely allows for his players to give their former teams "home-town discounts", which is what the Mets are counting on to keep Reyes past 2011. Boras creates situations to get the most money out of any team interested, many times going into bidding wars, which the Mets in no way can afford to do.

The action of becoming a Scott Boras client, is a move for someone NOT looking to stay with their current team. Reyes has stated several times that he wants to be here, yet a move like this would prove to be the exact opposite of his statements. Scott Boras tends to have his clients hit the open market to go to the highest bidder. His clients very rarely return to their former teams, unless their old teams have the cash to retain his clients, which the Mets do not.

Not to mention, the Mets probably do not want to have to deal with Boras. After deals such as Oliver Perez's and Carlos Beltran's huge, overpriced contracts that were at the hands of Boras, the Wilpons will likely prefer not to deal with him.

Maybe Reyes is starting to see cash symbols now that he is on pace for such a monstrous year. Maybe he is starting to see the incredible amount of money he can command. If this is the case, Reyes knows that in order to squeeze the most money out of whatever ballclub he ultimately signs with, going to Scott Boras is the best way to do so.